Double Harken

Happy New Year!

  • 2015/01/01 03:56
  • AUTHOR: peapea

they like to wrap arms around each other
And look at the scenery

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year 2015!

Tag: Event Art

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Let's go to the beach

  • 2014/07/07 00:40
  • AUTHOR: peapea
...while the Vegans are not attacking.
Summer card (imagine it's a candid photo):


Who is Kouji looking at?

it was disappointing Duke didn't show himself in swimwear in episode 46, so this time he gets the spotlight.
I dislike Hikaru, but adding everyone in the scene makes it more authentic... Danbei and Goro must be somewhere in the water.

In recent weeks I was too busy to draw and play, but I definitely want to catch up with everyone and draw more pictures!

Tag: Art

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  • 2014/07/07 00:18
  • AUTHOR: peapea
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Prince is good with animals

  • 2014/03/21 02:11
  • AUTHOR: peapea

Young prince Duke and a small crayfish.
I imagine he found it in palace's pond, then brought to his mom to show it.

Thinking of this scene:

Both Purin and me thought it's a scorpion

PET CRAYFISH. Duke so gentle...... I'm crying.
Especially cute, since everything about him is so proper and normal.
You'd imagine him having a pet dog or bird. But no. Crayfish.

A little unusual thing like this makes him even more charming.

Tag: Art

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log 03

  • 2014/03/08 02:42
  • AUTHOR: peapea
Some colored sketches this time.

Along with Getter Robo TV series I watched some of the Mazinger Z TV series, and giggled at this.
Kouji's leg is hurt and he needs help getting in the Pilder...

Someone needs to give him a push, like Shiro did [here].
(I want to help too)

"Clean up the mess you left!"
"It would be done already if you didn't nag!"
...something like that.

Tag: BL Art LinePlay

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