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Cards from Tendercomrade

Valentine Cards from Tendercomrade

An envelope arrived, and after see it from Tendercomrade is opened at the speed of light!

Tendercomrade is truly master with ideas. The concepts are always super charming. And in-character.

Arranging the rope to a heart shape is so smart!!
Duke is proud of mastering Earth's lasso technique. That confident expression .
The way Kouji is cheering on Duke's superior skills is cute! Already switched from rival mode to support mode. (thought I can imagine him practicing with rope later, when no one is looking).
The colors looks like chocolate on pink frosting, and the border makes it shaped like a biscuit.

Sexy Duke! What a stud ^~^;;;;; *(nervously sweating) huff
All peapea's words clearly echo what my reactions is also! This sheen of brown resemble same feel of flat chocolate pieces on top of cake. I can't wait to see in person. Try not to lick it... hee hee~
Somehow, shapes are clear cut bold yet give leave a lot to imagination. Comfortable yet interesting (from stylistic liberties choices) to eyes rest on. This is a feeling unique to this intuitive cultivated technique.
I like Kouji's eye shape match rest of expression. It is as vintage endearing that professional western seem to lost touch of in modern age.

Wide grin. UAAAAAAAAA~~~Everything about this is too adorable~~~ Naughty Kouji little pudgy poji! He know what he did but peeks Duke with back turned. Duke is not even slight upset. His face♡ Sasuga Kouji~ And yet, this is the Kouji of Duke know and love~
well, Kouji was considerate. Left more than half!
I noticed how it tweak form to match essence plan to convey through each artwork.
Cheekbones on Duke is mature sexy///// (*≧3≦c)♥ Let me want try add, too.

KOUJI! Mouth dirty from choco, we all know you did it!
Good intentions but acting too impulsive, that's Kouji. He's doing a shy pose, but he's anticipating Duke's reaction. I wonder if he feels nervous about the missing choco, or expects Duke will be moved by his generous act... (knowing his confidence levels, surely the latter).
I'm laughing how Duke seems to be expecting this!

Your eyecandy, want to eat more! Tendercomrade's online gallery is serious professional topics, so we feel fortunate to see a sweet side of her.
Thank you!

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log 02

  • 2014/02/23 03:20
  • AUTHOR: peapea
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"CHANGE" comments

Today we'll talk about Ataru's Grendizer doujinshi CHANGE.
Information about the book can be found on Ataru's blog.

Talk is below.

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Be My Valentine

  • 2014/02/16 02:58
  • AUTHOR: peapea

The picture is an unconventional collaboration between me and Purin-chan.
Purin-chan sent me a sketch plan for this card, then I drawn it in my style.

The charm point is Duke wearing elegant hairstyle for the special occasion!


In my country (and western countries in general?) lovers celebrate Valentine's day by exchanging small gifts. Especially boyfriends are expected to buy a bouquet of roses and invite to a romantic dinner. (like in the picture)

People who are single but interested in someone can send an anonymous "secret card" with a confession inside. This was a big event back when I was in school, but half of the cards were pranks.

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year to everyone. Year of the horse
Late because too much work, but I wanted to make proper new year charm no matter what.

It's best fan experience of ever since discovered Grendizer and I'm excited to share it. Finally have good fortune can meet fans of similar vein I look forward to, to be enthusiastic with. In really good spirits!

It's good all of we are familiar to Go Nagai's variety of stories~ Sure we will have a lot of fun !

(now... see if we can rush to Valentines draw)

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