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Cards From Nanapara

Today we wish to share:
Valentine Cards from Nanapara

You can get acquainted with Nanapara's wonderful art on her [pixiv page].
It's a pleasure to see Grendizer characters through her eyes!

for peapea

for purin-chan

It took us a long time to write because when look at the illustrated scenes, we become speechless and overwhelmed.
はぁ~~~ The art is all at the same time: beautiful, adorable, sweet, penetrating.
The heat wave from looking at them sends us into a coma. peapea had to go lie down. (laugh)

Kouji's boldness in the first card makes us gasp! The white suit and rose bouquet are stunning and contrasting with Duke's everyday farm clothing. And the rose touching Duke's lips is sensual... it is high-level seduction technique. .
Then, in the second card they exchange looks subtly, holdings hand. Flower is modest but meaningful, it is very romantic. ///////
You capture the genuine feeling of sweet gentle love, we haven't seen you draw Kouji like this before!

Thank you for showing us two most precious moments. We are tremendously happy!

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Prince is good with animals

  • 2014/03/21 02:11
  • AUTHOR: peapea

Young prince Duke and a small crayfish.
I imagine he found it in palace's pond, then brought to his mom to show it.

Thinking of this scene:

Both Purin and me thought it's a scorpion

PET CRAYFISH. Duke so gentle...... I'm crying.
Especially cute, since everything about him is so proper and normal.
You'd imagine him having a pet dog or bird. But no. Crayfish.

A little unusual thing like this makes him even more charming.

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log 03

  • 2014/03/08 02:42
  • AUTHOR: peapea
Some colored sketches this time.

Along with Getter Robo TV series I watched some of the Mazinger Z TV series, and giggled at this.
Kouji's leg is hurt and he needs help getting in the Pilder...

Someone needs to give him a push, like Shiro did [here].
(I want to help too)

"Clean up the mess you left!"
"It would be done already if you didn't nag!"
...something like that.

Tag: BL Art LinePlay

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