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Today I would like to share a rare Grendizer material collection from magazines

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married couple

Cooperating as a married couple.

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Let's go to the beach

  • 2014/07/07 00:40
  • AUTHOR: peapea
...while the Vegans are not attacking.
Summer card (imagine it's a candid photo):


Who is Kouji looking at?

it was disappointing Duke didn't show himself in swimwear in episode 46, so this time he gets the spotlight.
I dislike Hikaru, but adding everyone in the scene makes it more authentic... Danbei and Goro must be somewhere in the water.

In recent weeks I was too busy to draw and play, but I definitely want to catch up with everyone and draw more pictures!

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  • 2014/07/07 00:18
  • AUTHOR: peapea
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