Double Harken

Cards from Mane, and Happy New Year!

Look at what arrived!
New Year Cards from Mane

It was so exciting to open the envelope~~~
Inside there were two cards with lovely handmade pictures, with a hologram border and glitter accents which made them look extra festive.

They enjoy the snow so much! Winter here is long and cold, but looking at this picture will remind me it's fun too.
It's exciting to see them in different clothes than usual. Duke looks handsome in a scarf...
I love the visible breath and the blushing cheeks.
Later Duke will have to warm Kouji's hands since he forgot his gloves, hehe.

purin-chan add: Lavie's genki show through art!! Kouji light up with smile, it is impossible to not smile with him. ~! Nice clothes! I enjoy see when artists choose different outfit for characters~ Here is fashionable service for girls I can't believe boys can be so cute ponder the snow. Really just can not resist to smile from your Kouji!

Of course 2014 is perfect year to draw Duke posing on a horse!
You captured the spirit of Grendizer: mature but friendly Duke, genki hyper Kouji, and Grendizer Sunset™. And also nice view from behind...

purin-chan add: This year will be great for certain with Mane's beautiful new year blessing. Thank you ~~~ ! I love that your Duke always flawlessly have smoldering model look! Especially can notice by juxtapose by Kouji's buck wild energy. Kouji and Duke just too perfect foil each other. fufu, we notice fast at special attention to cutie rear peek show ^w^b
This sunset is celestial.
I love special effects on handmade card that let it such personal touch. We keep marvel at this treasures.

Also the Tetsuya stamps because they're priceless:

Thank you, and Happy New Year to you too!
Let's have another great year of fangirling!

We didn't have the time to prepare a New Year card (yet?), but here's Duke on a Horse.

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Wow!Nice guys!
Mane's Duke and Koji is very nice!
In last year,I met her.
She is very beautiful girlヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Peapea's Duke is very cool!(*≧∀≦*)
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  • 2014/01/22 16:10
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Everyone is celebrating New Year with Duke and Kouji i-178

Did you meet at Comiket? It must have been fun~~
We didn't meet Mane in person yet. I want to meet you and Mane too (>v<). One day, maybe me and Purin can visit Comiket too.
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  • 2014/01/24 03:24


Mane's style is so bracing! I agree with peapea's remark regarding Duke and Kouji's cold weather outfits. I love it when fanartists draw an expanded wardrobe for my favorite characters.
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  • 2014/01/31 10:30
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We are totally smiling wide with this arrival! Looks everyone agree love new clothes for characters~
We giggle at Tetsuya stamps. I love LOVE when artists familiar to Duke+Kouji draw Tetsuya since somehow is depict in most funny and cute way possible!! Ataru-san's Tetsuya crack up likewise too. Another artist Tom too, but is missing online.

tendercomrade is big Getter Robo enthusiast, Mane is also Getter Robo lover. I like it about Go Nagai fans seem branched out all around.
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  • 2014/02/07 11:26


peapea nice pic v
Duke's 'mane' flow have more grace than horse he ride!
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  • 2014/02/07 12:55


XDDDD Thanks so much for your nice comments *_____*
I'm ultrasuperhappy you like the cards :D

Drawing small pics (10x15cm) is soooo difficult for me, so it was a challenge! I drew them with mechanical pencil and inked with a sharp pen (0'03) XD I colored with copics and watercolors. I always enjoy drawing Kouji and Duke together, so I drew them with all my love :D

I like so much drawing different clothes, as Purin said, it's kind of fangirlservice, ne? Looking at our beloved heroes with many different clothes makes them more... "daily" XD perhaps nearer... Glad you love this detail, too :)

And also the chibi Tetsuya XD I love him so much, too!

Peapea... your Duke riding a horse is the most beautiful creature in the world :D===== Peapea's Duke is the most perfect one... flawless, absolutely gorgeus... wanna stare at him forever.

Ataru saaaaaaan!! You are the most beautiful doujinka of the whole world!!! Wanna meet you again! Asobooooou!!!
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  • 2014/02/09 06:36


Lavie Thank you for extra details! I do not see yet so it help me envision in my front. Ahh YES! Daily and nearer! (TTwTTv-345 Plus... need to admit their Grendizer clothes are quite modest for such desired boys. Isn't it domestic theme one of this pair's strength?
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  • 2014/02/18 13:06
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XDDDD Purin! you are right! Their clothes are quite modest! But I think they don't need fashionable or fantastic clothes in order to look more desirable XD
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  • 2014/02/19 06:40

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