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Happy New Year 2014

Happy new year to everyone. Year of the horse
Late because too much work, but I wanted to make proper new year charm no matter what.

It's best fan experience of ever since discovered Grendizer and I'm excited to share it. Finally have good fortune can meet fans of similar vein I look forward to, to be enthusiastic with. In really good spirits!

It's good all of we are familiar to Go Nagai's variety of stories~ Sure we will have a lot of fun !

(now... see if we can rush to Valentines draw)

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I never thought I can see Duke be this cute!!
Little Prince e-415

It is a 2D drawing, but the eyes have so much depth it looks like a real doll. That delicate blush...
The gold paint really shines too! Great idea.

You are Queen of cutie art e-267
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  • 2014/02/10 22:35
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Now I wish to see Duke horse riding in his young prince outfit... (showing leg e-446).
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  • 2014/02/10 22:36
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This pis is so cute and well done I have no words... Purin, you put so much love in your drawings! The way you make a simple and delicate pic become so "touchable" is... magic... I'm dying of moeeee!!!

(seconding peapea's request) ;D
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  • 2014/02/12 12:31


It's very cute!
However, it is powerful and beautiful eyesv-10
Thank you again this year.
I hope for you, as will be a good year.v-290
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  • 2014/02/15 07:50
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I hope the love can 『 transfer 』 to you !!

Alright, need to think how to draw the leg~ e-455
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  • 2014/02/18 14:03
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