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Be My Valentine

  • 2014/02/16 02:58
  • AUTHOR: peapea

The picture is an unconventional collaboration between me and Purin-chan.
Purin-chan sent me a sketch plan for this card, then I drawn it in my style.

The charm point is Duke wearing elegant hairstyle for the special occasion!


In my country (and western countries in general?) lovers celebrate Valentine's day by exchanging small gifts. Especially boyfriends are expected to buy a bouquet of roses and invite to a romantic dinner. (like in the picture)

People who are single but interested in someone can send an anonymous "secret card" with a confession inside. This was a big event back when I was in school, but half of the cards were pranks.
purin-chan add 2014/02/18
If you see garbled sketch peapea use to work on, I think you will be even more impressed. The dramatic before and after has likes of something from a variety TV show. It is fun for me to receive beauty treatment on my work. *(laugh!)

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Next scene, they look at each other and exchange the gifts they hold...
Duke offering his lily of purity.e-441
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  • 2014/02/16 05:55
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This collaboration was very successful! I see that the artists have taken a thoughtful approach to fashion. The differences in Duke and Kouji's formal wear show why both are lovable: Duke looks so regal in his classic black tie get-up while kouji’s provocative color choices compliment his boldness and youth. I want Duke to be my bridegroom and Kouji to be my prom date e-349

Where I’m from, Valentine’s day is a special day for lovers. However, we are also encouraged to give candy or cards to our family and our friends. I hope any Europeans who get cards from me will remember this national eccentricity and not be too scandalized! e-351
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  • 2014/02/16 09:37
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Thank you! You always notice the essence of the picture, it makes me feel I've succeeded in making it. i-228
I spent some time looking up tuxedo styles to match them to the characters. So Duke is wearing classic style and Kouji more modern. To be honest, the differences in men's formal fashion are so minimal I wouldn't notice them if they weren't pointed out...

Still, I considered the matter too seriously compared to the Grendizer TV series creators. In one of the episodes Duke and Kouji wear formal suits to attend a conference. Duke is dressed in a green suit and Kouji in a rose fuchsia one (with pink tie).

Oh my, I don't think anyone would get scandalized receiving a gift. I try to act calm and patient but I'm so excited and curious about what you planned to send, looking forward to it!
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  • 2014/02/17 04:35


uooooooh! What a formal Valentine!! *_____* I love them both! Duke with new hairstyle and smoking looks so gentleman! I can'l believe he is the same person as the hippie farmer at Shirakaba XD I love how a simple change in hairstyle can make such a transformation!
Kouji looks so charming as always! I love how you did a front view of him (which is quite rare to see even in Go Nagai's works). Aaaaah! Kouji is so handsome and cute offering those chocolates XD
Purin sketch is absolutely magical! So spontaneous and fresh! Great collaboration, girls! Hope to see more from you!
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  • 2014/02/19 06:37


Kouji's sideburns are being pulled to Duke like a magnet.
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  • 2014/02/19 12:02
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" I can'l believe he is the same person as the hippie farmer at Shirakaba XD"
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  • 2014/02/20 09:19
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Hello! Sorry,I`m late... v-12

It's a great drawing!
I love these guys !v-10
Someone else with them everyday!
In Japan, it is common to increase the chocolate to a favorite person.
I want to give the chocolate to them from me!v-10
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  • 2014/02/20 17:22
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> Manepi

Thanks for the comments!

" I can'l believe he is the same person as the hippie farmer at Shirakaba XD"
Same here i-237
I tried to draw the face close to official, just changed the hairstyle and clothes and - *tadaah* - almost a different character.
Another unique feature is you can see Duke's ear...normally you could wonder "does he have ears?" since never visible.

You noticed the problem with Kouji's front view! It take a lot of fast-forwarding through episodes to find any reference. I just followed Purin's sketch this time (except for magnet sideburns).

Maybe we should collaborate sometime too v-218
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  • 2014/02/21 14:29


> Ataru

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed it i-185

Purin came up with the idea to dress up Duke and Kouji for the occasion. It's exciting to see how they would look like dressed elegantly.
Duke in different hairstyle is a little surprising at first i-237

Your valentine cards are exciting too i-233. Better than chocolate!
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  • 2014/02/21 19:01

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