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Today we'll talk about Ataru's Grendizer doujinshi CHANGE.
Information about the book can be found on Ataru's blog.

Talk is below.


At first I thought CHANGE will be continuation of Parallel Miracle.
But this time it's another unfortunate accident with Space Thunder - Kouji and Duke switch bodies!
So now we have genki spontaneous Duke and calm worried Kouji, and all the gags are built on this.
Throughout reading the book, I couldn't stop smiling at the unexpected expressions on their faces. It's an unique chance to see them act out-of-character while remaining true to themselves at the same time.

I like how the story is taking place in official Grendizer setting.
The support characters and backgrounds are familiar from the series. Some scenes reference various Grendizer episodes, like the electric shock therapy (dr.Umon's specialty), or Duke feeling jealous of Kouji having good friends.
It feels like sweet romance and humor was weaved into the official story naturally. Like true "behind the scenes" happening between all the Grendizer battles.

There are some serious moments too, like the part where Tetsuya asks Duke to take care of his younger brother. It's heart-warming he's thinking of Kouji and gently acknowledging the special relationship Duke and Kouji have. (not interfering for a love triangle...*laugh*)

Of course, I looked forward to the love scene the entire time.
It's especially enjoyable with the slow story buildup towards the romantic climax.
This time the love scene was especially complicated *laugh*. With the switched bodies... it looked like Kouji x Duke? I know in reality it was Duke x Kouji, and Duke was definitely leading in the whole story. But seeing Duke's face and body in vulnerable state makes me blush and my heart beat faster///////////. I want to scream "YES! (≧∇≦)".
I wish the love scene was longer!! 10 pages at least!

Some other scenes I liked:

- Kouji piloting Grendizer!!
I like how Duke was mature entrusting Grendizer to him. He didn't see Kouji piloting Mazinger, after all.
This led me think "how would Duke feel piloting TFO". It's so small and weak.......
(I saw in extra notes it'd be dangerous if Maria became the pilot, and I agree).

- I laughed at Kouji abusing the super strength of Duke's body to push Duke into bushes. And obliterate... a towel. (no, it was Duke's favorite one!!)
Seeing (✧∀✧) expression on Duke's face is priceless.

I did not understand the reference of 林さんと山田さん, although magical kiss of a Prince is a story familiar to everyone!

I really had fun reading it. Because I am unable to write a story and convincing dialogue myself, I rely on others to show me the scenes I'd love to see.


There's was a little fortune sticker (おみくじ) inside the book.
When I opened it...

"excellent luck" "eat a lot of good food", very good, very good (´∀`人)♪


New doujinshi from Ataru~! yatta~!

Ataru Grendizer works are important to me since when first delve Grendizer, I binged on Ataru's website Grendizer content. All hooked me to heart throb at the coupling.
Ataru's complete understanding of this coupling is how love of them reach us so effective.

So when new works come out we look forward to be entangled again!

Ataru's BL yaoi doujinshi is satisfying more than famous original BL published stories.

Write part of teatea is so complete and encapsulated most of my feeling too.

I agree love scene should at least 10 pages~~ because Ataru compose love scene so heart warming~~~vVvVv Kouji and Duke need to loveloveLOVE contact Can't have enough of a good thing♪

I appreciate all personal Grendizer jokes fans will love. Such as Kouji want to take his ...special looking.. helmet with him to go pilot Grendizer! That helmet......!.. laughing
Ataru's Tetsuya cameo always crack me up even in serious situation.

I giggle all gags of face expression switch. When preview of doujinshi cover come out with this idea, was dying from curious to read it!
Very like Ataru can do playful cute humor while draw Duke in a mature and pretty vintage japanese comic style. This is a huge fanservice eager to gobble up.

Want more~~~!~!~! Always!

Thank you for blessing!

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I had the chance to meet Ataru san at Comiket and bought this douji directly. She is soooooo niceeeeeee! And told me that she fell (again) for Grendizer few years ago. Revival is always fantastic!

The most splendid thing about "Change" is that the typical Duke/Kouji become reversible in a graphical way. Of course, we know it still is a Duke/Kouji, but a graphically uke Duke is priceless!

I also love the style of Ataru san. It keeps that nostalgic flavour that makes characters recognizable and touching...

Ataru saaaaaan!! Please, keep up the good work!
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  • 2014/02/24 06:56


peapea,purin ,I am very grateful to you!v-290
Thank you so much this !v-238v-344v-344

The Manga drawn by the acquaintance was a hint this story, (it is a story that "Miki devil man" and "Sayaka Mazinger" are interchanged).
I think it's an interesting story, but it was worried about what I draw....v-12
[ Given the reality, it is feeling to be a very complicated story ....] So, I changed to a comedy Story.
Duke is always quiet. Koji is always vigorous.
When replaced, it was draw a different look from usual.
I was glad it!v-290
I am not good to draw the scene LOVE!
Always leadership is DUKe. But, this time leadership is Koji!v-11
It was very difficult!
I wanted draw The people around of Duke and Koji, but did not have time for me. Sorry!
Whether they were back to original
It is the ... question (laughs)

I always think "v-10Japanese words of all countries!"
I am not good at foreign languages. Can not be translated.
If you have any questions, Please tell me!
It is hitting the Omikuji?
I wish good event is to occur a lot to you guys

To Mane
Thank you for your comment!!!v-10
I'm glad you asked me!
It was a great time!
I do not draw well, but I love the picture of you!
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  • 2014/02/24 08:21
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Ataru saaaan!! Really? Did you buy that Jojo doujin? I'm happy to hear that! XDD yeeees!! I'm looking forward to see new anime season! waku waku!!!

And I hope you will draw new doujins, too! ;D Wanna see you again!!

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  • 2014/02/26 03:56


> Ataru

I like comedy story, because the Grendizer story is often sad...
It's good to see everyone in their happier moments.

The ending was very funny! Prince's kisses didn't work after all.
When Maria saw Duke and Kouji lying on the ground, I wonder if she knew what happened.
I laughed at the gift Duke received from Sayaka! Kouji was surprised too. i-237
Every scene was memorablei-80

We wish you good luck this year too~~
Then next year, it's Grendizer anniversary.

> Mane

Did you meet Ataru's Duke doll at Comiket too? i-236
The fandom is small but great, I am glad. Maybe next time you'll be selling doujinshi as well!
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  • 2014/02/28 04:55
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