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Cards From Nanapara

Today we wish to share:
Valentine Cards from Nanapara

You can get acquainted with Nanapara's wonderful art on her [pixiv page].
It's a pleasure to see Grendizer characters through her eyes!

for peapea

for purin-chan

It took us a long time to write because when look at the illustrated scenes, we become speechless and overwhelmed.
はぁ~~~ The art is all at the same time: beautiful, adorable, sweet, penetrating.
The heat wave from looking at them sends us into a coma. peapea had to go lie down. (laugh)

Kouji's boldness in the first card makes us gasp! The white suit and rose bouquet are stunning and contrasting with Duke's everyday farm clothing. And the rose touching Duke's lips is sensual... it is high-level seduction technique. .
Then, in the second card they exchange looks subtly, holdings hand. Flower is modest but meaningful, it is very romantic. ///////
You capture the genuine feeling of sweet gentle love, we haven't seen you draw Kouji like this before!

Thank you for showing us two most precious moments. We are tremendously happy!

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Yuji Mine

The person who referred to as Narapara do you wrote the two cards?
White suit of Koji is cool!
Picture of the second piece, is a cute Koji are shye-454
Thank you for the picture of a nice two people!
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  • 2014/03/23 02:39
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peapea・purin chan<
It's so happy! The surprise in a beautiful picture!
I look very gentlemanly Koji.
Smile of Duke is very kind.

peapea,purin chan,you were good to get a great card !
And Thank you for showing us!!

To Nanapara<

Thank you for the beautiful card!
I like it very much! Your picture is wonderfuland very cute!v-10
Please draw a lot!v-344
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  • 2014/03/24 05:54
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>Peapea & Purin
I say again,Thank you for giving me cards too!
I was not in time to sends X'mas or New year carde-365e-365e-365
so I drew in a chance Valentine.

That I watched Grendizer is caused by many pics you two drew.
I encountered your pics when I was searching Kouji-kun of MAZINGER-Z.
"Who is this man like kouji's lover?"my temperature climb

Now I can enjoy this anime by the side different from my childhood.
Thanks to you! I love you!

>Yuji mine
Thank youe-446These cards is drawn by me.

Thank you.
I want to draw and I want to SEE too!e-444e-266
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  • 2014/03/27 02:57
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I really love Nanapara's art! She managed to draw Duke as a gentle seme in the second pic. But in the first pic they look like a reversible pairing *______* Nanapara provides one of the best Koujis I've ever seen. Genki, cute, active with the exact touch of weakness on his beautiful appearance. PERFECT!
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  • 2014/05/26 13:45

purin chan

GENTLE SEME e-415 ^_________ __________^
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  • 2014/05/30 19:03
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