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  • 2014/03/08 02:42
  • AUTHOR: peapea
Some colored sketches this time.

Along with Getter Robo TV series I watched some of the Mazinger Z TV series, and giggled at this.
Kouji's leg is hurt and he needs help getting in the Pilder...

Someone needs to give him a push, like Shiro did [here].
(I want to help too)

"Clean up the mess you left!"
"It would be done already if you didn't nag!"
...something like that.

And Line Play fanart...

Purin dressed her Kouji avatar in a pink nightgown.
It seems Line Play is giving many opportunities to get prince outfits and crowns, huh. Popular with young girls.
Though this one was from Romeo and Juliet set?

I inked it over a sketch from end of 2012, when I first watched Mazinkaiser SKL.
(I lost steam and didn't draw the second panel...)
Anyway, the idea was- I wanted to draw them do "switch over" in a more intimate situation. (=reversible)
Kaidou's response: "まぁ、OK".
I don't know who is "on bottom" more often in fan works of SKL. I wanted Magami to be at the time, because [this] frame was good...

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Yuji Mine

This scene of Koji, I remember!
Bandage the foot of Koji is sexy ♪
I also want to helpe-349
Also I want to watch a DVD!
Thank you for the nice picturee-266


Finally an opportunity arise! Thank you for invitation. I volunteer to help! thinking "I can feel the weight of Kouji's ass in my palms." Butt with texture of soft velvet ^o^~

Line Play cosplay is Romeo and Juliet set!
I have Kouji, but limited gacha items can not resist for fantasy of Duke cosplay, so I have made another Duke doll to play dress up.
By the way if anyone want to play, please add us.
You can see CUTE animation of Koujis and Dukes dance and jump. Mesmerizing. We can help any with tips.

Ehh, animation studio need to beg to hire you already~ to correct their art.
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  • 2014/03/10 20:24
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> Yuji Mine


Please help Kouji tooi-185

I haven’t seen all of Mazinger Z TV series yet, because the series is long. I will watch more!
I saw Kouji for the first time in Mazinger Z manga. Then in Mazinkaiser and Grendizer.
His appearance and personality is a little different in each series, but he is always full of energy. i-179
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  • 2014/03/14 13:10


> Purin

By pushing that butt you contribute to protecting the Earth from dr. Helli-189
I almost feel bad for always noticing things like that, but those old shows provide too many opportunities i-229

Thank you Puri!i-175 I think I add too much own "flavor" to follow another style completely, but I try it as a challenge...
It's fun to see fanart in custom styles, but fanart following original style feels like extension of the original story and it's exciting too.
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  • 2014/03/14 13:44
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Your Koji is always cool!v-10
It drawing that I did very well!v-238

Hey now!Koji, Do not mischief on my Prince ! (Laughs)v-411

I have not seen the skull.
However, this picture is great!v-10

I posted a link today.
I'm sorry for late!v-12
I appreciate the kindness of youv-23
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  • 2014/03/20 20:38
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> Ataru

Kouji does mischief on Line Play i-237
Purin-chan dresses up Kouji in various creative outfits! I smile every time.

Thank you, we added link too e-415
The blog wasn't prepared well at first. It's becoming better now.
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  • 2014/03/22 03:57
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What a collection of pics! asnkjnfdjnckendfñuenckjdnfllsarfarf! have no words... let me organize my mesmerized mind arñsddlknflkndscllakoujiassssssnjdnvkjndfikaidooooomagamiiiiiguaaaaaaah! ehem.... Magami chan.... are you inviting someone??? kaido looks pleased with the invitation XD
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  • 2014/05/26 13:56

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