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Coloring Page! and extra

If anyone need practice or want to play with colors, here is a coloring page! Any ways, we would delighted to see anyone's results of this.

More chibi chara continued-

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Yuji Mine

Thank you for a lot of very cute picture!
I would like to also see picture of color.(*^。^*)
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  • 2014/05/23 21:50
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Purin chibis e-266

That Mazinger really glows. Water paint washes compliment the delicate lines, and the green fade turned out especially beautiful!

Young prince Duke and Kouji playing together in summer i-175. At first I thought Kouji is helping Duke catch a crayfish! I'm sure Duke will enjoy all the new little multi-legged friends.

Please post more~~~!
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  • 2014/05/24 00:45



Your picture is always very cute!
This is fun coloring book.
I saw this on pixiv.
They were very nice colorv-344
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  • 2014/05/25 17:49
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KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa long time no visit this BBS!! shame on meeee!!!
Puriiiiiin!!! This coloring book deserves to be published and sold in every book shop of this world!!!!The first illustration is... is... uaaah I wanna kidnap that little Kouji and take care of him forever!
Purin art can be effective while simple. She doesn't need to draw elaborate sds in order to make them look lovable. I really like this kind of pics. The one with ice cream is perfect! Kouji is cute and naughty at the same time, and Duke blushes while maintaining his royal composure:D
sosososososososososoooo CUTEEEEE
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  • 2014/05/26 13:30

Yuji Mine

Purin-Chan san

I tried to paint with color illustrations of Mazinger Z & Koji!
I want to send, but does not know the e-mail address, Can you tell me?
If it is possible to send a message from the sidebar of my blog, and your reply.
I am waiting(^o^)/

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